A Little History


Dr. Norm Olsen was the first pediatric dentist to graduate from Children’s Memorial Hospital, and established his practice in downtown Evanston. He went on to become the Dean of Northwestern University Dental School.

When Dr. Olsen left the office, Dr. Roland Meyer, who had been working with Dr. Olsen, was joined by Dr. Terrance Fippinger in 1977, and the practice became known as Drs. Meyer and Fippinger. In 1993, Dr. Maria Simon joined the practice, and after Dr. Meyer retired in 1995, the practice became known as Drs. Fippinger and Simon, Ltd. In 1997, Dr. Ray Jurado joined the practice until he became Director of the residency program at Children’s Memorial Hospital, where he currently serves.

The practice was renamed North Shore Dentistry for Children, to provide a more consistent identity that could be handed down from partner to partner.

After more than 40 years in Evanston’s historic Carlson Building, the practice moved to the Rotary Building in 2004 and was renamed North Shore Dentistry for Children. After the renovations were completed, the office was featured in Architectural Design magazine, and in 2005, received the Evanston Excellence in Design award.

In 2008,  Dr. Glick joined NSDC as an associate, then became a partner 2010.

More recently, NSDC established an orthodontic program, started by Dr. Emily Williams in 2012, and now continued by Dr. Haitao Li.